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Increasing Security

This is our newest service and unfortunately is becoming required as our world continues to change.  Our team is trained to detect several hazardous substances with more odors continuing to be added.

Whether pre-screening locations or being visible and screening crowds at events, security is paramount in today's world.  Our street-level law enforcement experience makes us unique in our real-world approach to safety and screening.

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From the largest universities to the smallest local Class C schools, we're invested in our school systems.  Lockers, classrooms, parking lots, busses, backpacks or common areas, we can work it.

Business and Industry

From the smallest business to the largest corporation, we can assist with locating hazardous substances or preventing their arrival through visible deployments in your facility.  Lockers, vehicles, parcels, luggage, company property, common areas & beyond.

Special Events

Hosting a public or private event?  We can detect substances coming into your venue or prevent their arrival by being visible on-site.


Rail, air or motor vehicle - we have contacts across the transportation network.

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Do you know what's in our facility?  Our team can tell you!

Contact us today for a safer property!

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