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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning behind K316?

The history behind our name is so coincidental that it sounds too good to be true.  K9 Mira's badge number was "K316" and in an interesting twist of fate our first day as a team at the kennel was March 16, 2020 (3/16).  The day we were notified of the department's retirement decision was March 16, 2022 (3/16) which was also the date we recognized the opportunities to continue on as a private business.  If these dates weren't coincidental enough, K9 Mira was the last marijuana-trained K9 to be purchased by her agency with her first day on patrol being April 20, 2020 (4/20), a well-known marijuana holiday.  All of these circumstances were too much to ignore, and we saw it as a sign to start a business.....K316 Detection!

What drugs can you detect?

We currently detect marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin.  More odors are available upon request.

What explosives can you detect?

We currently detect several substances with more continuing to be added.  For obvious security concerns, our substances are not publicly posted.

What are your payment options?

For K9 deployments we accept cash, check and credit/debit cards*.  For branded products we accept Facebook Pay, Venmo, Paypal, cash, check or credit/debit cards*.

*(Additional transaction fee applied to credit/debit cards)

What are your rates?

Deployment rates vary depending on amount of work, travel and any additional requirements.  Contact us today to receive a free estimate.

What is your service area?

We are based in south-central Montana and proudly serve primarily Montana, Wyoming, Idaho and the Dakotas.  Don't see your area in the list?  We love to travel, contact us for availability!

How do we order your branded merchandise?

Contact us direct by phone, text or email to purchase stickers, ballcaps, koozies, etc.  To purchase t-shirts, sweatshirts and stocking hats, follow our "ORDER HERE" item links direct to our exclusive distributor at 701 Apparel.

Still have questions? Contact us.

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