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Street-Proven Experience

This is our most popular service and we’re happy to provide it for anyone who needs it. Our team is trained to detect marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine and heroin with more odors available upon request.

We have deployment experience in a variety of urban and rural environments including local, state and federal investigations, schools, industries and private locations among others.

Our team certified with North American Police Work Dog Association (NAPWDA) 3 times prior to K9 Mira's retirement from law enforcement and continue to meet or exceed the industry standard of 16 hours of continued training each month.  Our training includes vehicles, parcels, luggage, lockers, open areas, buildings, etc. while also conducting "proofing" exercises to ensure that our team disregards conflict and masking odors we are not trained to detect.

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From the largest universities to the smallest local Class C schools, we're invested in our school systems.  Lockers, classrooms, parking lots, busses, backpacks or common areas, we can work it.

Private Residences and Property

From your minor's room to sober-living facilities and everything in between.

Business and Industry

From the smallest business to the largest corporation, we can assist with locating controlled substances or preventing their arrival through visible deployments in your facility.  Lockers, vehicles, company property or common areas, we have experience in it.

Correctional Institutions

Pre-release centers and jails/prisons, our K9 deployment experience has taken us on the "inside".

Special Events

Hosting a private concert or event such as prom?  We can detect substances coming into your venue or prevent their arrival by being visible on-site.

The Art of Deception

What does K316 Detection LLC have over other K9 detection companies?  We have real-world success in the game of deception.  Our team has numerous successful seizures where masking agents and packaging techniques have been used to avoid law enforcement detection.  You won't find that with other companies!

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With cannabis becoming more readily accessible to the adult public, it also increases access to our youth and employee populations and the likelihood that it is in your schools, events and businesses.  Further complicating the situation is the retirement of law enforcement K9s trained to detect marijuana among other substances.  That's where we come in.  Prevent distractions, impairment, injuries and liabilities with our street-proven deployment and drug interdiction experience.

Do you know what's in our facility?  Our team can tell you!

Contact us today for a safer property!

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